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PowerPC 440GP - Emerson PrPMC 440 Processor PMC Model PmPMC440 Simple Type:...

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PowerPC 440GP
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PowerPC 440GP
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Emerson PrPMC 440 Processor PMC Model PmPMC440 Simple Type: PowerPC

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  • 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB or 1GB DDR ECC SDRAM in SODIMM package
  • AMCC PowerPC® 440GP processor running at 400MHz
  • Dual 10/100BaseTX Ethernet interfaces with front bezel access
  • Dual serial ports via PMC P14 or single serial port via front bezel
  • I2C interface
  • Processor-PMC Monarch and Non-Monarch modes
  • Quality assured by over 30 years of design experience and a TL-9000 and ISO 9001:2000 certified quality management system. (FM 26789)
  • RoHS/WEEE compliant configuration available
  • Up to 133MHz PCI-X interface, backwards compatible with PCI 2.1
  • VxWorks and Linux support


  • Compactflash: SDRAM 64, 128, 256, 512MB or 1GB of x72 DDR SDRAM with ECC 266MHz operation Modular SODIMM packaging Flash 16 to 128MBytes Flash memory Intel StrataFlash architecture 4 banks x 16-bits organizatoin Flash Architecture NOR NVRAM 2K NVRAM I2C-based
  • Development Mezzanine Card: Optional plug-on card (side 2) to speed development Processor JTAG/COP header for software development Four software-readable configuration jumpers 32-pin PLCC socket for software development Four development user-programmable LEDs Single connector to attach to PMC module Note:Ethernet and serial connectors not used when connected to PmPPC440
  • LPC I/O: Ethernet Two 10/100BaseTX Ethernet ports Optional front bezel access (isolated) Optional PMC P14 access (non-isolated) Link/Activity LEDs for each Ethernet port on front bezel Serial Ports Two async serial ports (RS-232 level signaling) Dual serial port via PMC P14 or single serial port via front bezel with mini USB style connector I2C Master or slave configuration Access via PMC P14 connector Recessed front bezel reset switch 4 development user-programable surface mount LEDs on PMC module 4 GPIO via PMC P14
  • Off-Chip Peripherals: Real-time clock Supercap backup power I2C-based
  • PCI/PCI-X: 33/66/133 MHz operation 32/64-bit data path Monarch and non-Monarch mode support (locl PCI host or peripheral) PCI 2.2 and PCI-X v1.0 compliant
  • Physical Characteristics: Specifications IEEE 1386.1 CMC/PMC VITA 32 Processor-PMC Power Requirements: 3.3VDC @ <7W (est) Operating Range: 0 to 55C, 5-95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
  • Processor: AMCC PowerPC 440GP Core 400+ MHz 32K I & 32K D L1 cache 64-way set associative 32-bit Book E enhanced PowerPC architecture MMU 8KB on chip SRAM On-Chip Peripherals Dual Serial I/O General Purpose Timers(GPT) GPIO I2C Dual 10/100 Ethernet MACs DDR memory controller PCI/PCI-X interface 4 Channel DMA Controller
  • Regulatory Compliance: UL/CSA/IEC 60950 FCC Part 15 (US) EN 300386 Applicable sections of the NEBS Telecordia GR-63 and GR-1089 ICES 003 (Canada)
  • Software Support: Monitor/Boot ladder Board support package for VxWorks 5.5 Board support package from Linux



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